Un-Reel Slots! is a new complete line of games created for the live casino and internet casino industry and designed to add interesting and truly unique elements to the otherwise old and antiquated principles of traditional gambling.  The games bring a fresh concept to the casino slots and tables, and combine the color and simplicity of 'reel' slots, with added player participation features intended to give the players a feeling of more control and an element of skill.

Specifically, by giving the player an optional paid spin of a 4th reel or card (depending on the game played) Un-Reel Slots! offers slot and table players additional chances to turn ‘near misses’ or 'losers' into winners and the player is in control the whole time!

The pay table in all the games is tuned to create a high hit frequency of over 41% in which most of the pay table combinations are achievable in a short amount of time.  Additionally the majority of the money is being paid to the low and medium odds winners which intensifies the action and allows the players to enjoy many rapid wins and translates into increased entertainment! 

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